La firma


The Firm

Arrubla Devis is a leading law firm in Colombia, founded by Jaime Arrubla-Paucar and Consuelo Devis-Saavedra in 1988, who carried on with their parents’ legal legacy, Carlos Arrubla-Ocampo and Hernando Devis-Echandía, renowned authority in the field of procedural law in Colombia. With offices in the cities of Medellín and Bogotá, the two main economic powerhouses in the country, the Firm has the capability to offer its services across the nation. 

Jaime Arrubla-Paucar, leader of the Firm’s legal team, is one of the main authorities in the field of commercial law in Colombia and Latin America. His career as Justice and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Colombia, author of countless legal works, law professor and practicing attorney for more than forty years, provides him with an exceptional legal experience. 

Arrubla Devis has a team of professionals ready to provide a personalized, agile and effective service.

The Firm is comprised by a team of attorneys, with extensive experience and knowledge in the different areas of law, related to business activity in general – from a legal, economic and commercial point of view –, the relationship between the Colombian State and individuals, the design and implementation of public policies by state entities and the solution of legal conflicts in all possible scenarios. 


The legal team of Arrubla Devis stands out due to their experience and professionalism, aimed at providing efficient and personalized services. The Firm seeks to create long-term relationships, based on a broad knowledge of our clients’ business, projects and challenges, in order to develop excellent legal strategies that provide satisfaction and security. 

The recipients of the Firm’s services are Colombian and foreign individuals and companies, in search of personalized solutions, for both their everyday problems, as well as for the most complex issues within the legal trade. Additionally, the Firm provides services to officials and State entities in relation to their contractual processes and the design, implementation and fulfillment of public policies.